Color Blocked Chairs

ColorblockchairsFollow these easy steps to create your own color block chairs.

Materials you’ll need:

  • Sand paper and/or electric sander-I used both
  • Wood putty
  • Wood glue
  • Rustoleum spray paint
  • Painter’s tape
  • Trash bags-2 kitchen sized bags per chair
  • Old t-shirt or rags
  • Rustoleum spray sealant


  • vacuum
  • foam paint brush

BtbNext sand down to bare wood and repair

The best indication you’ve sanded enough is when you have removed all the shine. It doesn’t have to be perfect but a smooth surface is optimal. Using the wood glue (if you need it) secure any pieces that have fallen off (hehe-like my curbside pick up chair!). Make sure to wipe of any access glue while it’s still wet. Once the residue is dry it will be easier to sand off. I just moved onto the other chair while this one dried. Give it at least an hour.

ColorBlockProjectFill in cracks and imperfectionsFill in cracks and imperfections

Grab the wood filler if you need it. I found this opened package at my local Habitat for Humanity Home ReStore for one dollar! Holla! 😉

The best way to apply this is to just get dirty. Scoop some onto your finger and massage the putty into any cracks and creases. If you have chips you may want to use a scraper to apply. Depending on the thickness of which you applied the filler, I’d say twenty minutes should be plenty of time to allow it to dry and continue. Sand again to a smooth surface.

Next grab a clean (DRY) rag and dust off the chair going over it several times. If you feel scrappy you can use a vacuum. This is where the foam paint brush comes in. It worked great as my final dust off tool and made it easy to get into all the cervices.


For the next step you’re just going to take two trash bags, cut each open and tape around the bottom so you don’t get paint on the legs. I made sure the bags reached under the legs and the chair itself held the bag in place.

Paint your favorite color!

Finally, once you have repaired, sanded, dusted and taped off the legs of the chair upi can get to the fun part. Paint away. It may seem self expainatory but I would follow the instructions on the can. Allow each chair to dry over night and then apply the clear coat over the new paint. Allow once again to dry over night and then….



I haven’t applied the clear coat yet because as you can (barely) see on the pink chair, I’m still deciding if I want to give these that distressed look or keep them all shiny and new. I don’t think I’ll know until we complete the farmhouse table and have them in the new house. I will post a follow up.


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