My 50 shades of grey obsession (Home Design)

greymaster(Broken link On me for photo credit)

Our dream is coming true to own our first home in just a few short weeks. Since our offer was accepted I haven’t stop picking out paint colors, creating room lay outs and designing every inch of the house. I draw a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, antique shops and just drawing up the plans. Surprisingly, I found I am completely obsessed with greys. Here are a few examples of what I’m diggin’ right now:

greyentry(Another broken link from Pinterest…email me for photo cred) 



I know it seems a little sterile but I love the clean lines of it. We have a one year old so our home will have a “lived in” feel which is what we want. I want our home to be a gathering place for friends, family, play dates and neighbors. We will not freak out if our child spills something on the floor or knocks something over. Hello?! Those of you that do, you know you have a child and they are likely going to have a lot of “uh ohs!” right? That’s why, not only will our new home be beautiful but also child safe and “uh oh!” resistant. Furniture will be nailed down, everything out of reach, “Scotchgarded”, round and covered. (Ultimate Child proofing Guide coming soon!)

Back to the fun stuff…the greys



I am just uber obsessed with this last one. From the floors to the floor pillows. I love the different textiles. The silver and wood tones go perfectly together. Notice how the shade and curtain goes all the way to the ceiling. That’s how you hang window coverings people! 🙂 I’m not sure why there are two lamps on the window sill but they still belong in the room. We will have our own family friendly version of this pallet in the living room and possibly our master bedroom. We are starting with bare floors and walls so be sure to follow the house project. I’ll show you all the home improvement details with tutorials, where we get the materials and the costs. I hope to inspire others to do things as a family and for yourself. I hope to be that inspiration for you.


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