Color your kitchen Rad!


These Big Chill refrigerators start off at a cost of $3,000! Cute though, right? I’ll take the “Pink Lemonade”. 🙂

 What’s really exciting about this post is I’m going to show you how to make a HUGE impact on the design and “un-blah”ing your kitchen for next to nothing!

I’ve been inspired lately by the color block trend. Why stop at the kitchen? Recently my toaster died and when searching for a new one we realized how far they’ve come along! I took notice that appliances can really make a statement to your kitchen. If you have a boring kitchen or just want an inexpensive update here’s a few simple ways to make your kitchen “wow” your guests every time they enter. I’m so excited to apply a few of these funky fresh ideas to my own kitchen. (Stay tuned for tutorials from my kitchen!)

These adorable modern "50's like" SMEG refrigerators start at $2000!

These adorable modern “50’s inspired” SMEG refrigerators start at $2000!

I know that we don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a refrigerator but if we did, I’d love to own a SMEG or a Big Chill. Aren’t they awesome?! Back to reality…Check out these inexpensive ways to update your refrigerator and other large appliances in your kitchen. Introducing my first “did ya know?”

DID YA KNOW…You can paint your appliances? RustOleum makes a paint for just about everything and I use it often. Even an appliance epoxy spray paint. Sadly, I couldn’t find any funky cool colors for the sake of this post. I did find a can version of the same epoxy and I’m wondering if we can mix it with the color of our choice. How awesome would that be? I’ll get back to you on that!

Here are some other options by some amazing DIYers on Pinterest:


I know these aren’t in your kitchen but had to include! “$10 makeover” Any color.

 For this idea I would suggest the High Heat spray paint from RustOleum. Or stove paint from



Words do not describe how I feel about this make over. I just love it and if I didn’t have brand spankin’ new stainless steel appliances in the house we are buying bought, I’d do this to any old rickety fridge before buying a new one 😉

LOOKING FOR SOMETHING A LITTLE MORE SUBTLE? Try these suggestions out for size.


Don’t forget about the dishwasher!

Possibly the most simplistic of an update to your kitchen. You can replace your “snooze-able” knobs with bright and colorful knobs like these easily


How cool are these retro-esque knobs and pulls?!

knobsColorful knobs are a super easy way to update your kitchen easily and makes a big statement.


knobs1Or for a more cost effective update, just remove your current knobs and paint them!


Spray paint your old knobs for a fresh new look.

colorfulfaucetThe faucet! Whoda thunk? What a great way to add that unexpected pop of color! These used to go for almost $800!

This DIYer knows what’s up!


“Benjamin Moore’s Razzle Dazzle “

Powder coat your faucet in any color! Again. Just can’t get over it. 🙂

Another fun and unexpected place to add the pazazz you’re looking for could be on the inside.


Paint the inside of your cabinets!


Paint the inside of the drawers a fun color.

And last but certainly not least…the accessories. These items are more interchangeable than the projects listed before.


Have a bar in your kitchen? Colorful bar stools are the way to go.

Complete your new kitchen with new bright rugs.

Complete your new kitchen with new bright rugs.

Oh the classic Kitchenaid mixer. You’ve seen these before. I dig the pink. We saw this one at Target for $350.


The small appliances are my fav. I guess everything is really!  (ALSO available @Target)kmix-main-imagecoloredappliances

While these appliances are cute and cuddly some of them can be uber costly. (Kitchenaid Mixer, anyone?)

How great is it that people have actually tried painting everything and we can turn anything from drab to fab?! Like your toaster and stove knobs. Lovin’ it.

Spray paint your toaster.

Spray paint your toaster.

Spray paint our stove knobs!

Spray paint our stove knobs!

I hope you’re inspired and share your updates with me 🙂

XoXo, Jessi


2 thoughts on “Color your kitchen Rad!

  1. Thanks for featuring my fridge makeover in your post! I love this gallery of easy ideas and makeovers. A kitchen that reflects your personality is so much more fun to work in, don’t you think? Keep up the awesome blogging!:)

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