Stained concrete floors

A growing trend in the flooring industry is to stain residential concrete floors. I admit the pictures I’ve seen look pretty damn good. In the home we are buying, what carpet is in there, is coming out ASAP. It’s grody! But with all the moving expenses and what it takes to actually purchase a home we are on a tight budget. We considered just ripping up the carpet and staining the floors. Take a look and judge for yourself. It’s not for everyone. 🙂



You can purchase the kit to stain your own floors starting at around $100 @ The Home Depot.

The stain comes in a variety of colors from a variety companies. Here are just a few swatches.

polish-colors EC-acid-stain-chart1 Concrete-acid-stain-colours

Some like to do a design in an entry way or center of the living room.


If doing this inside I still a little too industrial and just not cozy enough for you, how about in the garage? Personally, I kind of dig it!


The OCD in me is going crazy about the stain on the wall. Definitely, tape off the walls first and for a more finished look add baseboard along the walls.

How to stain concrete! A YouTube series.

Alternatively, you could hire a professional but what’s the fun in that?! XoXo, Jessi


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