Negative Calories: Fact or Fake?

Yes and yes. That helps, right?!

Simply put, the term “negative calories” refers to food that burns more calories to consume it than it contains to begin with.

Well the fact is, there is no scientific evidence to show that any foods have a negative calorific impact.


Amongst the list of regarded fruits and veggies are celery, lemon, lime, apple, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, watermelon, cucumbers, spinach, chicory, green beans, sprouts, mushrooms and onions.

Each of the foods I’ve mentioned contain an average of 50 calories per chopped cup.


Important things to note about negative calories:

  • All foods contain calories.
  • The term “negative calories” (in my world) refers to the net calories after prepared, eaten, digested and expelled from the body.

A good example: A cup of celery has about 19 calories. After you have prepared, eaten, digested and eliminated that celery you have burned FAR more than 19 calories! Fact.


Interesting. But the process is more than just digestion. The rest…ditto!

While I’m all for eating CLEAN and healthy, I don’t think its a good idea to over indulge in anything. I wouldn’t replace meals or only eat “negative calorie” foods as a part of a crazy type of diet. The fact is, a lot of these foods don’t have much of a nutritional base to do so.

I find that negative calories foods are actual ONLY if eaten raw and plain and after you consider all the calories burned during the prep, eating, and releasing it from your body.



Water is the only beverage that could be called a “negative calorie” beverage. Cold water will expend a greater number of calories because the body has to warm the liquid to body temperature, although a single glass of ice water at 0°C would only burn 8.8kcal. Drinking one such glass a day, would take a person over a year to lose a single pound of weight.

Note: Water has zero calories. So drink a f* ton everyday! Drinking a glass of water before each meal has been a proven way to consume less at meal times. It is important to your overall health to drink a minimum of 8- 8oz glasses a day. Research shows it depends on the amount of activity you engage yourself in, your body weight, diet and climate in which you live on how much you should actually consume on a daily basis. Some say as much 13 cups for men and 9 cups for women.

There are those out there to claim they cannot and will not drink water because they simply can’t stand the taste. I’ve always thought this to be quite funny because I really never thought it to have a taste. Well now I am a water snob and can tell the difference in tap, spring and just filtered waters but that’s not what I was referring to. 😉 Two of the people I love the most needed convincing that water can be tolerable. My husband and my sister. Both adults. Both refuse to drink water. I will tell you in a (not so distant) future post all the water recipes they love and how I got them to love the H2O. Stay tuned…

BTdubs…COFFEE COUNTS! Yes ma’am (or sir). Coffee counts towards your water consumption. At least that’s what my doctor told me. Now I wouldn’t recommend getting all your cups in that way but just as a guide to help you to keep track if needed. Others count too. If you drink those (nasty!) powdered drinks(Crystal Light) and I believe even (capital NASTY!) soda counts because the main content is water. I DEFINITLY do not encourage anyone to drink soda. Soda is at the top of my food naughty list.

SOUND OFF…thoughts?

XoXo, Jessi



2 thoughts on “Negative Calories: Fact or Fake?

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    • Thanks for using me as a “related article”! I enjoyed the research on this topic and found it to be quite interesting and controversial. Being healthy is a lifestyle of conscious daily decisions. 🙂

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