Hang ’em High! >>>Curtains<<<

If you want to create a quick and inexpensive  dramatic look to any room all you need to do is change how we are used to hanging our curtains and hang ’em high. Like to the ceiling high.


67215cb4e1511c57f70ad71044a7a9a9Here’s one way to hang ’em high. Attach the curtain rod to the ceiling.


Notice that these curtains are extra long and “puddled” on the floor. Also, the more obvious awesomeness here, is the mix and match from the same collection! How much do we love this?!


Another great solution from IKEA! With this tension wire you can hang your curtains high and in any direction you want. Also, makes for an easy DIY canopy!


This room is a great example of how hang your curtains high and make your room appear bigger. And that’s never a bad thing. Am I right?

721963cbba6dd122e1c5a606238c8230Don’t forget your bathroom curtains. The often under thought of bathroom curtains can cause the biggest statement in your bathroom. Though these actual curtains in this photo aren’t my favorite the allocation is good. Remember to add an additional , more sturdy curtain rod to hang nicer curtains on the outside of your regular (hopefully matching) shower curtain.  I will do this as a part of our home make over and show you ours once we get to this point to show you the ideal placement and better curtain selection. We have very small bathrooms and this should make them look a bit bigger and more luxurious. In theory. I’ll get back to you on that.

Resources: www.Pinterest.com/jessilynn1117

XoXo, Jessi


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