Behind the scenes: Painted lamp & shades from BtB Home Decor


Subjects: A brass lamp from Goodwill and 2 lamp shades from a thrift store.

Total investment was less than $4!

Here is how you can transform a boring old lamp and shade with only spray paint.

First, I used left over spray paint from another project because it didn’t really take much for all the shades and lamp.

I didn’t know I was going to blog about this DIY project, so forgive me for not showing every single step .

For the lampshades, I first spray painted starting from the bottom making sure to have thorough coverage and less towards the middle where I stopped with the first color. Next, I chose another color and started from the top. Again making sure to have complete and thorough coverage to then a mixture of both in the middle where the colors meet. You should end up with an ombre effect.

You could choose to use several more  colors if you’d like. I was happy with two for this project.

Lamp shade #1:

sunsetlampshadeThis one is called desert sunset.



This guy wanted to join the party but Daddy saved the day and I saved his life. I insisted he live and just get the boot. Lucky little (big ass) fella!

Lamp shade #2:

DSC07483This lamp shade is called midnight sun.

I used the same process, however, I got too excited and got too close with the yellow. This caused a noticeable blob/circular spot of yellow paint. The only way I saw fit to fix this was to make it look intentional. I just mimicked the boo boo all the way around. Not completely satisfied with the appearance, I just grabbed a paint brush and blended all the way around again. This gave it a cool hand painted look. (Well, duh, right?)

The lamp:


Easy as pie. Spray paint in any color you love. I wrapped an old towel (because that’s all that as nearby) around the electrical cord when painting.


DSC07545 DSC07549



Bonus Material-I did this shade probably a year ago. I painted it with old paint from a can that was left at our old rental home. Crazy how it matches. Also, the solid color kind of rocks! 😉 What do you think?

DSC07535 DSC07536

We’ll call this one Ocean Wave.


A friendly suggestion…wear gloves 😉

XoXo, Jessi



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