A review I had to share (NOT a paid post)

First, let me just start off by saying I was not paid to review this item nor was I encouraged for monetary reasons to write any of the following. I wish I’d get paid for my reviews and opinions. Hehe. Call me! ;P

For months I’ve been saying how much I want to own a Shark Steam Mop and still would like to try it out. I’ve used a Swiffer Wet Jet for many years and it seemed to be ok. But honestly, felt like it was  expensive to have when it came to replacing the solution it required to clean the floor and the pads you had to buy. I would always go behind after “cleaning” the floor with an old towel to dry and get the dirty Swiffer juice that just got pushed around. EW!

Today, I came across something, that may or may not have been out for a while. But it’s one of those “duh!” moments. Of course we need this and I imagine the inventor is sitting on a yacht somewhere sipping on pina coladas. I’m talking about the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop.

TrashTalkinJessiThere are so many features that stand this mop above all the rest but what caught my eye right away was the clear bottle in which you could add whatever cleaning solution you’d like. In my house, I prefer all non-toxic/eco friendly cleaning supplies. A lot of times I just use hot as ‘all get out’ water and vinegar. Not only do I prefer my own solutions, but I REALLY love saving money. Not having to buy the Swiffer “juice” was a huge selling point.


Other things you wont have to purchase include expensive batteries and the pads.

As far as the functionality goes the ‘Reveal’ wins again. It’s not cheap feeling when you hold it. It seems built to last and as though there was some thought put into it. There is a nice, thick, soft grip for those tough spots. The squeeze for spray is manual like a spray bottle, which is nice because it spritzes. I really enjoyed that because it simply did not put any  more liquid down than necessary to clean the dang floor. I had no need to follow my mopping with a towel because not only was there nothing to sop up but the pad is basically a micro fiber type towel. So that cuts my work in half. The floor practically dries immediately.

Misc-The pad is probably twice the size of the Swiffer also cutting down your cleaning time.

For $20 bucks you can’t go wrong.

Now for the negative. The only problem I’ve had with it is (I’ve only used it once, soo…), it seems to lose pressure after a few pumps so I had to remove the bottle to get air back into it so I could spray again. I’m not sure if that was because the water was hot “as all get out” or if it’s a defect in the mechanism. A review from another person on Google said the same thing :/ EVEN so, I still love the mop even if it did not have the spray all together. I just sprayed my solution that I had already mixed in a bottle and went about my business.

Overall, I’d say it’s worth the purchase. If you are looking to buy this mop, make sure to Google coupons. I saw several coupons and up to half off for this while looking for photos to place on here for you guys.

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?

XoXo, Jessi

UPDATE: Per Rummermaid’s website.

First, I saw this…Awwww 😦

Screenshot (5)

But then I saw this and said, “Yay!” Maybe they heard our cries (; and improved the spray thinger jigger and it will be perfect! I’m going to return mine and spend the extra $10 to get the new and improved one. This time, I can say it’s worth it to get the new version. Even though I would have happily settled with the original. Also, they’ve added a scrubber to this one. How much can one really go on about a mop, eh? That’s about it 😉

Screenshot (6)


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