Got something to hide? 2013 Swim Suit Edition

If you’ve got something to hide, an insecurity, something you see but no one else really does, keep reading. I hope to help you overcome that during this ‘hot as hell’ Summer.

(OMG watch this, I just reminded myself of this hilarious video I saw on YouTube-WARNING: Foul Language Alert!)

Squirrel! Sorry. 😉

I’m sure it’s nothing! No big deal and NO not everyone (NO ONE) is staring at you. The right type of bathing suit can flatter any woman. I think these vintage bathing suits will look great on any body type. Enjoy the Summer and say “screw you!” to whatever makes you look in the mirror twice. Unless of course you are admiring yourself. Which is perfectly healthy. For about 30 seconds. 😉

Here are some legit vintage swim suits….(Out with the old-even though they rock!)


The lovely Marilyn Munro in a two piece.




A curvy Marilyn.

In with the New vintage inspired look…

When I set out to find a vendor for “new”  vintage swim wear I came across Unique Vintage and fell in love. My search ended quickly.

Here are just a few I picked out to share with you from the vast selection found at

000001 000000001 0000002 0000000000000000000000000

0000000000000 000000 0000000 000000000000

Prices range from $64-100 and sizes range from Small-5X depending on style.

Just for fun…



Vintage swim caps. Got a jacked up hair cut? Odd shaped head? Maybe you just got your hair did. Or you want to (re)set a new trend. Slap a cap on that dome and rock it sista. These are also from Unique Vintage.




Hats $42.00 @ Unique Vintage

Vintage inspired wedges by Matiko.


Platform sandals are a great way to elongate those stems.

Last but certainly not least, my favorite accessory, sunglasses. The bigger the better.




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