Broken lamp to candle stick!


As the picture indicates…I broke this small lamp. Accidentally, of course. It fell off of my daughter’s dresser. Not allowing much of anything that can reused go into the trash, this lamp was no exception. I broke the rest of the plastic around the part that holds the light bulb so I could save the cord for another project and removed the cord from the lamp by disconnecting it and pulling it out through the bottom. Next, I simply peeled off the felt from the bottom then unscrewed the base from the pole and glass bead parts.  I took off the broken part and rearranged the parts to better suit my design. I didn’t use any other materials other than what already existed. This project probably took all of 5 mins! Lesson of the day: DON’T THROW ANYTHING AWAY. 🙂 REUSE UPCYCLE REPURPOSE  ALL THAT JUNK


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