Hi there! Thanks for coming over. My name is Jessi. I am a work for myself from home mom. I have an amazing husband, Cole, who tolerates my bad jokes and trash mouth. Our one year old daughter is a dream come true. The absolute sunshine to our every day. I enjoy photography, design, fashion, pretty things, home improvement and trash talkin’. This blog is not for the faint of heart. Warning: I do use four letter words. Often. Please have a sense of humor while poking around here. 😉 I am a self-proclaimed comedian and positive thinker. I have a secret dream of being a rock star even though I don’t possess an iota of tune or instrumental talent. This “ain’t” your average mommy’s blog. Probably because I “ain’t” your average mommy.

Follow me on my journey through real life. Food, fitness, family and fun. I’m introducing this blog right around the same time I’ve decided to start two separate businesses. I’ll share with you everything I learn about business and any tricks and tips that could help you with yours.

Also, watch and guide me into turning our fixer upper (first) home purchase into our dream home. I will be asking for your opinions on everything. (Check out our tutorials on so many home improvement ideas!)

I am just starting to get into photography but not a full-fledged pro just yet. I am learning more everyday. I will share my insights here. Spread the love, if you will.

We eat clean as much as possible and because this is relatively new habit for us(started as our New Year resolution and now we are lifers!), I am constantly trying new recipes and developing my own. So yes, you will see that here too. Also, we are  excited to start our own garden once we move. Stay tuned for dets!

And saving the best for last. Family time is muh fav! Grow with us and watch how we do it. Live life. We are Team Awesomesauce for a reason. My husband, our one year old daughter and I try to spend as much time together as possible as a family. We recognize that time flies and these moments will not last forever.

I hope you enjoy it here and visit me often.




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