A globe repurpose

A globe repurpose

Inspired by my own blog post…Simply take a globe apart. Pull the globe out of the stand. Take a utility knife and cut the globe in half. It will usually be pretty easy to tell where it was put together in the first place. Be very careful, as this part will not be the easiest, unless your globe is just falling apart. It took quite a few times to go around before the globe came apart. Once it separated the rest was cake. I am leaving it up to my customer to decide the finishing touches. (The trim around the bottom). But easy pie you have to instant lamp shades. Or endless possibilities. See my previous blog for other ideas on just globes.

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Not just a globe. The repurpose possibilities.

I have a fascination with globes. I am trying to decide which project I will tackle with the  first vintage globe I purchased from the Goodwill ($3.00!) Which is your favorite? Here is a compilation from the almighty Pinterest machine. (Follow me on Pinterest!)

Repurpose into a light fixture.






Modge Podge, Paint and/or decorate.





Decorative Bowl


And you know I love a little (or alotta!) BLING!


I know I don’t have the patience for this, so how about someone just make this one for me? 🙂

If you have any other globe repurpose ideas, please post to my Facebook, send to me on Pinterest or email. Thanks Loves!

XoXo, Jessi